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I cannot save you. I can't even save myself.
Σ KYURI ; she's a killer .
she made a deal, and so she gave up her soul. in return she was granted her wish, and that without knowing that it was a pact made in vain—
l'art de vivre libre ;
ḍ̞̲͈͙̬͢o̳̗̤̱ ̝͉͖y͕̝̱͎o̵̲͖u͞ ͔̦͎̰̺̀d̩̱͎̝͘ạ̢r҉e̱͚͓ ̸͎̮̣tͅr͙͙̩̱̳̀u̜̱̮͇s̬̬tÌ̺͍͓ͅ ͍̟̳̖̰̯n͞e̴̥͚͙̖̣̝v̫̹̞e͎̙̪̯̯r̘̝̲͠ͅ ̙̙͎̹̜͕r̟ͅea̴l̳ĺ̝̪͚͎̣͓y̴̪̝̤ ̱̻͢d̰͞i͍d͇̙̳ ͈̖̻͔͕g͔͍̞̝̩i̦͎͔͉̲̼v̜̕e ̰̜̥͕̜͇̮ ̻͘ḁ̬̼͈̩̗n̢̤̝͉̙̣͇̗y҉͇̮̰̝̟o̦̘͕̬̯n͚̺͖̮̹͞e͍̼̳̗̼͞ͅͅ ̨͖̭h̹̪̞e͉̲̟̫ḷ̵͕̖̤̗ͅļ̦̦̞͝h̡e̬
(ăp′ə-thĕt′ĭk) — Feeling or showing
a lack of interest or concern; may be indifferent and unresponsive.
warning ; blog rating : 18+

tags you might want to blacklist;
'trigger' and 'nsfw'.
my blog has been rated, by me, and that for a reason. i don't post many graphics, but when i do they're not particularly nice. just a heads up.

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DON'T YOU EVER [ u n d e r e s t i m a t eME

              JUST BECAUSE I LOOK LIKE A [ S H E E P ]

  WHO [ K N O W S ]?


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Mun speaking; I’ll be straight forward and on to the point; I don’t want your typical introductions and small-talk about how our characters are feeling or what the weather is like. I don’t want fluffy meet-ups at coffee shops where everything’s sweet and nice— and I don’t really know how to ask for people to plot with other than this way. 
So yeah; please reblog, like or follow me of you want to plot something that isn’t necessarily nice. 
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Okay. I’ve realized that regular small-chats and introductions are too hard for me to handle with this introverted piece of hate and so I’m just neglecting shit and giving up before I start. So, this is me whining and crying for people to plot with me— like this post or holla at my inbox if you’re interested.

Someone plot with me.
Let’s para something meaningful and nice.
Does that even make sense.

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alicetotle replied to your post:

How are you today Kyuri-yah? Hope you’re doing well. ( ‘smiles’ )

[`she chews lightly on the corner of her lip, the other tugging into a brief smile.] I’m good, I guess? And you?

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Strangely, perhaps, but upon hearing the flat edge to her voice as she muttered her vague answer, everything seemed more real. He knew that tone of voice; it was what had come in part to define her - her lack of emotion. “Is my expression weird?” He blinked a few times, consciously making and effort to mask the remaining shock, or any semblance of such from his face, as he watched her with a mix of perplexity and interest. She seemed so much less tense than he was. But, for however long it had been, Hyunseung had genuinely believed she had departed this world, and was never coming back, so though she joked, it was very similar to the sensation he supposed you would feel upon seeing a ghost. He’d also genuinely forgotten that she picked up on almost anything, and was very observant, and noted the displeased look which crossed her pale features upon hearing his throw away remark, but he had nothing he could think of to say, and sighing himself, his shoulders still hunched, he wondered what had changed so drastically in the past 7 months or so, that this should be so awkward. He narrowed his eyes slightly, tilting his head, “Doubt? I think you’re getting doubt and shock confused. It’s a shock to see you. Not necessarily a bad one, but a shock nonetheless.”

“If your expression is weird?” The snort that escaped her was enough of an answer to itself, only revealing how it was a matter of course to her. Almost as if to weigh the question before giving it a decent vocal reply, she tipped her head from side to side in a slow rate, dark orbs flickering downwards in what to seem to be in thought. “Next time,” she started with that brief smirk still present, gaze raised to give him a glance; her voice was low, but definitely audible to the other. “I’ll have my camera ready, so I can show you.” Although his expression changed towards a somewhat milder one with the minutes passing by, she could still sense t that lingering nervousness. She couldn’t blame him for it, it had been said she was never to return—she had indeed been thinking of erasing her entire existence, though, obviously deciding not to. As Kyuri had thought that meeting up with the other again would be awkward like the previous time, it didn’t fail to please her upon noticing the opposite; he, on the other hand, seemed stuck on the matter. “Are you trying to tell me that you’re happy to see me?” She arched a brow as she kept her voice in a teasing tone, head quickly inclined to the side as she snickered; she then clicked her tongue against the roof of her mouth. 

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Woah, hello there, beautiful. Welcome to the family! My name is Park Soyeon, pleasure to meet you.
soyeonce said:

[`with a few brief nods she forms a tiny smile.] Thanks for that, Park Soyeon. Pleasure’s mine, mh. I’m Kyuri.

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